A few recent videos..

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Video Production

Using video production to showcase businesses has literally taken over the world in the last few years! Just a glance at social media will prove this! The main problem though is that a huge amount of the video we see is simply damaging the reputation of businesses. They’re not filmed professionally and the editing can be simply awful. A video should tell a story that engages those watching it! A story that makes them want to know more about you and your business. It simply has to be done right!

Video Editing

Spending the time building up the all essential footage to produce a video requires a good eye and a whole mountain of creativity. The next stage is then putting it all together to produce the final video that you’ll be proud to add to your website and share across social media. I have over 20 years experience as a film producer, editor, photographer, sound engineer and music composer. These skills have given me the ability to take the footage I record and add the editing magic it requires to possess the ‘wow factor.’ Music plays a huge part in the way your final video will be produced. In fact, I tend to edit your video to the music to ensure that every beat plays a part in enhancing the visual experience. You can of course choose any genre or style to accompany your video or leave it to me to choose from our huge library of copyright free music.

The Video Production Process

The Meet Up

Face to face is always preferred when it comes to discussing the brief.


After the meeting we email through everything we have discussed with agreed dates and time for filming.

The Filming Day

We arrive, get setup and get the cameras rolling. Only now will the creative flow begin!

Post Production

We now take all of the footage we have captured and begin the editing process.

We send over a draft!

Sometimes the draft is the finished film but we like you to see what we have done before we make the final touches.

Project complete!

Once you agree that you are happy with the finished video we will send you the master file in any format you need.

Next Steps

You may need advice with how to best put your video to work. We will happily guide you through some steps that will take full advantage of your investment.