About Us

Tuckedaway has two main purposes. The first is to be the UK's number one video production company for promoting places to stay. The second is to showcase the videos on an epic website for people to be inspired by the next time they are searching for somewhere to stay!

We are very proud to say that we have accomplished both!

Our website is a collection of videos promoting accommodation across the UK. Everything from hotels, Bed and Breakfast, Yurts, Shepherds Huts and much more. As a viewer, you can simply use our search box to help you find your next unique place to stay! The video will give you all of the details you need to book that accommodation.

If you own a holiday property that you rent out to the public then you can simply add your video to Tuckedaway and we'll promote it for you! Just get in touch with us and we'll add it for you for a small annual fee. If you haven't got a video then get in touch with us HERE and we'll talk you through the process and how you can best use your film to promote your accommodation.

We hope you enjoy our website and feel free to leave any comments after you've watched a video!

Many Thanks

The Tuckedaway Team

Why video?

Over the last few years, video has gradually taken over the internet! Social Media has gone crazy for it and it is so easy now to share video to huge audiences at the click of a button.

What are the main advantages to using video to promote accommodation? Check out some facts and figures below..

Boost your SEO

Google loves video! You have a higher chance of your property being found by guests when you add your video online. In fact, video will give your website a push closer to the front page of Google! Add it to your website and share across social media and watch those website hits go up!

Get emotional!

Get an epic video produced and you’ll be connecting with your viewers on an emotional level! The ability to truly show the character of your accommodation is something photos struggle to do, but your video will leave them wanting to find out more!

Enhance your website

Adding your video to the front page of your website gives your potential guests the chance to truly see all of the great things your accommodation has to offer. The fact you’ve made the effort to have a video produced is always a good sign that you are passionate about what you do and that you care about making sure people see how proud you are of your accommodation. You’ll stand out from the competition too!

Youtube is your friend!

Youtube has over 3 billion views every month and around 100 hours of video uploaded every minute! With a carefully worded description of your video and some hints and tips from us, you’ll be having people watching your video on Youtube in no time at all!

Social Media is king!

Social media should already be an essential part of marketing your accommodation. You can share your video to the masses at the touch of a button!! You can either upload your video or share a link! Its so easy! Before you know it you’ll be reaching thousands of potential guests!

Snazzy emails

Its very easy to add a link to your video into your emails. This means every time you email somebody they will have the opportunity to view your video and everything your property has to offer. This means you are constantly marketing your accommodation without really doing anything! You can add your video link into your email ‘signature’ so its automatically added when you send an email! We can show you how to do this if needed!